Store Your Stuff and Pack It Right

March 8, 2016 Leave a reply

When you Store Your Stuff use a Carboard Carton to properly organize and protect itPack It Right Before You Store

Once you’ve made the decision to clear clutter and follow through on your organizational goals by using storage, pat yourself on the back. And once you’ve decided to use CEDAR Storage, well, we’d like to say, “Bravo!” But don’t just toss your beloved items in that unit. Here are some tips to make sure your possessions stay pristine when you store your stuff!

  1. Pack your belongings in boxes that are tough, water resistant, and are pretty much of uniform size. It sounds counter-intuitive, but stack heavier things at the bottom followed by lighter ones, and put fragile breakables near the top.
  2. If you are opting for a large unit then you can leave space between the furniture and boxes so that accessibility is maintained.
  3. To properly store your stuff use old sheets, towels and newspapers as cushions and fill all boxes to the brim. When boxes are half or three quarters full they will collapse when other boxes are placed on them, but nothing will break thanks to the cushioning.
  4. Treat all metal objects with rust protectors. Use boric powder or tobacco leaves to protect books from insect attack. Look up preservation of books and follow the instructions.
  5. Don’t stuff everything in there without some breathing room. Allow for air to circulate inside the locker. Lay down plastic sheeting on the floor of the unit and places the boxes on a wooden pallet this will keep boxes from suffering water related damage.
  6. Leave the doors of all appliances such as microwaves and fridges ajar to prevent fungal growth. And how about this: use the space in appliances to store small things. Smart!
  7. Refrain from storing any flammable materials in the unit. (Check with us at the front office if you have any questions.)
  8. Make a treasure map! Well, sort of. Maintain a diary and record which boxes are placed where and what each box contains. Stick labels on each box with a coding that matches your list. Never mark the contents on the label. And never say “priceless Babe Ruth baseball card,” on top of a box; that’s just asking for trouble.
  9. Time to lock it up! Be sure to choose a quality padlock that’s easy for you to operate and hard for others to open with a hair clip.
  10. Contact us at Cedar Storage and let us set you up with a storage solution that does more than give your belongings a safe place to live temporarily, it allows you make a fresh start!

Cooler Summer Brings Even Cooler Excitement to Cedar Storage

October 21, 2015 Leave a reply

Fall already? The summer flew by faster than a mountain biker! But part of the reason why it rocketed past for us was because we were pretty busy at Cedar Storage: we added a roof coating to all our units, making them way cooler than they already were (if that’s possible)!

This amazing coating reduced the inside temperature in the units which is another great step toward protecting your possessions with extra TLC.

In the summer, some units can get so hot, plastics will melt, including those handy totes. Candles turn to liquid, and I have even seen model cars start to deform. Nobody wants that for their collection! But this new coating makes units feel more like shade and less like an oven. It reduces the surface temperature of the roof, if it’s 80 degrees outside, the roof temperature drops from 135 to 70 degrees. A 90 degree day will drop the surface temperature from around 150 degrees to 80 degrees. That is a big deal for everything inside. And thus, it was a big deal for us and the highlight of our summer!

But we’re working on something big for the coming months. We’ve done for something for our customers, but now Cedar Storage wants to do something for our community. Listen for the details in our radio ads on how we’re making “Room In Our Heart” for someone very special this holiday season.

Until then, take care of yourselves. We’ll take care of your stuff!



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