Why Choose Us?

Below are a few reasons why our customers love us.

Want to see if you can find a better Cedar City storage unit? Compare us with every other storage unit facility in town.

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Enjoy Personal, Extra-Mile Service With Full-Time Office Staff, and 24/7 Access

Our manager David Crowther and office manager Tomi Alger are here for you.

No voicemail message leaving you hanging when you need us most — whatever the emergency.

One time the power went out when customers were still in the facility. In any other facility, they would have been locked in until power came back on. In this case, we were there to let them out of the gate.

Another time a woman was thrown out of her house and we rented her a unit at 9:30 at night. We were the only storage units in Cedar City available to her at that time.

One person drove from North Carolina to pick up some items for a friend. She arrived after the gate closed. Had her friend stored in another facility, she would have had to wait until morning. Fortunately, we were able to help her out.

Another time a few Cedar City storage units were getting broken into. We had the police do night patrols on our property. We also had our maintenance staff patrol the property.

Yet another time a microburst of wind tore part of a roof off, exposing some of our storage units. We got there within 15 minutes to move the customers’ belongings to another unit and repair the roof.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Because of Our Security System with Surveillance Cameras, Individual Door Alarms, & Custom Gate Codes

Our advanced security system gives you the comfort that your precious belongings are safe and secured.

We have 16 security cameras stationed strategically, watching our storage units in Cedar City like a rabid hawk.

Also, every storage unit has its own door alarm.

Each customer receives his or her own custom gate code. When you enter your code the door alarm is disabled and the gate opens. When you leave your door alarm is rearmed. If any other customer tries to open your door using their code, the alarm is triggered.

Experience the Convenience of a Central Location & I-15 Access

We’re located right off I-15 and smack dab in the heart of Cedar City.

You don’t have to journey out to the boondocks to access your storage unit in Cedar City.

Save Money With More Selection & Less Wasted Space with 2,200 Storage Units & 12 Different Sizes

With 2,200 total storage units in Cedar City, we’re the largest facility in town.

And since we have 12 sizes to choose from, we can help you choose the perfect size for your belongings. That means you won’t be paying for extra space.

Wide, Paved Lanes Makes for Easy Loading & Unloading — Even With Big Moving Trucks

Our storage units are organized over 5 acres with wide paths for easy loading and unloading access.

Wide enough to fit U-Haul trucks and even semi-trailers.

Forget Writing Checks or Driving In — Just Pay Online

Our convenient online payments mean you don’t have to write a check or drive in to pay each month.

Store Your Boat, RV, or Other Toys Safely & Affordably

We have plenty of outdoor storage pads for boats, RVs, whatever.

More than Just Storage Units

We also have commercial space for rent in Cedar City, including offices and shops complete with bathrooms.

Full Range of Moving Supplies

We offer a wide variety of moving supplies to protect your valuables during transport and storage. This includes moving boxes, packing tape, mattress covers, bubble wrap, locks, and more.

Build Your Community When You Store With Us

We donate to almost every charity in town, including Toys for Tots, Gideons international, Care and Share, Kiwanis, and the Lodge Owners association.

This means that when you store with us, you’re building your community.

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