Cooler Summer Brings Even Cooler Excitement to Cedar Storage

October 21, 2015 Leave a reply

Fall already? The summer flew by faster than a mountain biker! But part of the reason why it rocketed past for us was because we were pretty busy at Cedar Storage: we added a roof coating to all our units, making them way cooler than they already were (if that’s possible)!

This amazing coating reduced the inside temperature in the units which is another great step toward protecting your possessions with extra TLC.

In the summer, some units can get so hot, plastics will melt, including those handy totes. Candles turn to liquid, and I have even seen model cars start to deform. Nobody wants that for their collection! But this new coating makes units feel more like shade and less like an oven. It reduces the surface temperature of the roof, if it’s 80 degrees outside, the roof temperature drops from 135 to 70 degrees. A 90 degree day will drop the surface temperature from around 150 degrees to 80 degrees. That is a big deal for everything inside. And thus, it was a big deal for us and the highlight of our summer!

But we’re working on something big for the coming months. We’ve done for something for our customers, but now Cedar Storage wants to do something for our community. Listen for the details in our radio ads on how we’re making “Room In Our Heart” for someone very special this holiday season.

Until then, take care of yourselves. We’ll take care of your stuff!



Cedar Storage Helps Local Homeless and Women’s Shelters

July 1, 2014 Leave a reply

Cedar Storage Makes Local News through Donating Space for local Charity Rummage SaleCedar Storage has been a vital part of the Cedar City economy for decades, and has helped benefit it’s citizens in many ways. But recently one of those seemingly simple opportunities to help the community was featured in an article in the local paper and we wanted to share it with you. Here is an excerpt of the article:

“Kelsie Palfreyman is a member of Volunteers In Service To America in the national network of Americorps programs. She said she is looking for any items for the sale that are still usable.

As she is in the process of gathering the merchandise for the sale, a business, Cedar Storage, is donating a large storage unit to store it.

Palfreyman said she got the idea for the rummage sale after asking Joy Jankowiak, the former director of Care and Share, what her organization needed most, and she replied that cash would be very helpful because many people donate food and other items, but Care and Share has other needs that cash could provide.

Palfreyman said she also decided to include the Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center as a recipient of the rummage sale’s proceeds.

“It’s really easy for groups like Canyon Creek and the Care and Share to get in-kind donations like clothing or food.” she said, noting that she believes CCWCC, a large non-profit group that does a lot of work in the community, is probably “in the same boat” as Care and Share in terms of receiving cash donations. (continue reading in this attached PDF document)

This article highlights just one of the many opportunities that Cedar Storage has taken to benefit our community. We are grateful to our great customers that help make it all possible.

Please take some time to read the full article.

Heads up for Condensation!

February 12, 2014 Leave a reply

These nasty little drops are no big deal… except in storage!

Today I’m writing about the very common, and surprising destructive effects of condensation in Cedar City Utah.  Here we have a very aggressive freeze-thaw cycle which generates large amounts of condensation on anything exposed to the air. Especially on glass or metal… and storage units have very large metal roofs.  These key, fast, tricks will help you manage any issue that may arise.

Usually condensation will only generate a drop or maybe two in any given spot. But that is a drop or two almost every day in the winter, which adds up!  But it often gathers on the underside of the metal giving it access to any exposed belongings.  Cardboard boxes, wooden tables, or TV’s not protected have a chance of getting the occasional drip!

To stop this there are two key things you can do:

  1. Use plastic bins: Big plastic bins are fabulous for combating dust, mice, and condensation.  For non-replaceables plastic is the way to go
  2. Cover large objects: There are cheap plastic drop cloths that can easily and cheaply cover furniture, or a large amount of cardboard boxes.
  3. We sell them in the office for $1.50 – cheap, easy, and fast

That is it!  If you’re storing in Cedar City this advice will save you so much time, money, and emotional sanity that you might want to even tell a friend about our blog!

Thanks for reading!
David Crowther – Cedar Storage Rentals

Cedar Storage Featured in National Geographic

November 30, 2011 Leave a reply

Today Nadine Long of the National Geographic News published an article entitled “Storage Facilities Making the World Greener,” featuring none other but Cedar Storage.

Stating that “Self-storage is often seen as consumerism gone wild,” Long then explains that:

Storage facilities are getting into the green game to make their facilities more appealing to consumers, save energy and save money.”

One way to do this is to use storage facility rooftops for solar panels, which we’ve done here at Cedar Storage.

As Long writes:

The layout of storage facilities makes them ideal for solar energy panels. Green Warrior, a company that specializes in solar panels for mini storage, points out that rooftop solar power makes sense in the dense structure of a storage facility, where units are tightly packed and buildings are simple. (See an example at Cedar Storage in Utah.)”

The article even features a picture of our solar panels here at Cedar Storage.

Read the entire article here.

Our storage panels are yet another reason to choose Cedar Storage for your Cedar City, Utah storage needs!

Choose and rent your Cedar City storage unit now.

Does Your Cedar City Storage Unit Have On-Site Managers & 24/7 Access?

July 24, 2011 Leave a reply

David Crowther Photo ManagerHaving 24/7 access to your Cedar City storage unit may be far more important than you’re thinking.

Suppose you work a 9 – 5 job. Your storage unit facility closes at 5:30 or 6, and you need to drop something off or pick something up from your unit during a week day.

Does that give you enough time to do it after work? Probably not.

Luckily, having on-site resident managers allows us to serve our customers better, giving them the convenience of 24/7 access.

Stories of How 24/7 Access Has Helped Our Customers

One time the power went out when customers were still in the facility.

In any other facility, they would have been locked in until power came back on. But we were there to let them out of the gate.

One of our customers was thrown out of her house late at night. We rented her a unit at 9:30 p.m.

We were the only storage units in Cedar City available to her at that time.

One woman drove from North Carolina to pick up some items for a friend. She arrived after the gate closed.

Had her friend stored in another facility, she would have had to wait until morning. Fortunately, we were able to help her out.

On another occasion, a microburst of wind tore part of a roof off, exposing some of our storage units.

We arrived within 15 minutes to move the customers’ belongings to another unit and repair the roof.

We invite you to compare Cedar Storage to every other self-storage facility in Cedar City.

We can give you a free estimate to help you choose just the right storage unit size for your needs.

Ready to rent your Cedar City storage unit? Click here.

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