Common Storage Mistakes When Choosing and Using Storage Units

June 23, 2016 3 Comments

Common Storage Mistakes when packing boxes for Self StorageIt seems easy enough, doesn’t it? You move your belongings from your home to a great storage facility in Cedar City. Like Cedar Storage, for instance! But here are a few uh-oh’s to be aware of as you move or prepare to move your stuff.

Storage Mistake #1: Using newspaper to wrap your belongings

You have the best of intentions to cushion your belongings, but the ink on newspaper can smudge and bleed all over your stuff. Cedar Storage does have cooler roofs thanks to protective shielding, but the units might still get a little toasty. Then you find yourself unpacking dirty items, perhaps some of them irreparably damaged or tarnished. It’s better to use bubble wrap or ink-free paper — even buying an inexpensive roll of butcher’s paper will save you from the ink smudges.

Storage Mistake #2: Storing food

Storing anything edible, even if just dry goods, can attract pests. Be realistic about what you’re putting in storage: will you really want that bag of rice after it sat there for six months or more? Probably not. Find someone else who will appreciate it, and save yourself from the potential invasion of bugs or, even worse, mice.

Storage Mistake #3: Not labeling your boxes

Navigating a self-storage unit filled with unlabeled boxes is like diving into a murky pool. You don’t know WHAT’S in there! Even if you intend to return and fully unpack your storage unit, you and your moving company will appreciate if you know where each box should go as you unpack. Or conversely, if you find you only need a few items removed from storage, it’s best to avoid rifling through every box to find what you need. Be sure to label each box clearly, and if you want to get really organized, keep a detailed inventory of each box elsewhere that corresponds with your more generalized labeling system. Another great way to track what is in your unit is to make a floor-plan of what boxes are in which corners and tape it to the wall inside where you can readily find it each time you enter.

Storage Mistake #4: Focusing only on the price

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest storage unit you can find, but is that really the best option for what you need? A more secure facility is also worth paying a little bit more for your own peace of mind. Remember, Cedar Storage offers a 3 step security system and we’ll match any price of competitors. Everyone makes mistakes. Just don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong storage company!

Cedar Storage Units Help Easter Dreams Come True

April 15, 2016 Leave a reply

Cedar Storage units help Easter Dreams come true by sponsoring Sigma Nu Easter Egg Hunt with a Cedar City Storage UnitWe are fortunate to live in one of the best places on earth, in a great community that has some of the best people on earth. At Cedar Storage we frequently get the opportunity to give back to our wonderful community. One recent example of this is our sponsoring of the Sigma Nu Alumni Easter Egg Hunt. Now you may ask yourself, “What do storage units in Cedar City have to do with putting on an Easter Egg hunt?” When you hold an easter egg hunt with your family, in your back yard, all you require is a couple of grocery bags full of plastic eggs and candy. But when you are planning an easter egg hunt for well over 1000 local kids, and have over 25,000 eggs, 8 bicycles, and 200 prize baskets things get a little more exciting.

Cedar Storage is proud to have been able to sponsor this long standing Cedar City community tradition. And we hope that you were able to attend and enjoy this exciting and entertaining event.

We received a letter of gratitude from the organizers of the event and wanted to pass it along to our customers. We recognize that it is because of your continued patronage that we are able to sponsor worth while causes like this that bring additional vitality to Cedar City and the surrounding communities.  So just remember that when you store your belongings in a Cedar Storage unit you are also helping to support your local community.

Please feel free to read the full text of the letter from the Sigma Nu Alumni Easter Egg Hunt Committee here.

Store Your Stuff and Pack It Right

March 8, 2016 Leave a reply

When you Store Your Stuff use a Carboard Carton to properly organize and protect itPack It Right Before You Store

Once you’ve made the decision to clear clutter and follow through on your organizational goals by using storage, pat yourself on the back. And once you’ve decided to use CEDAR Storage, well, we’d like to say, “Bravo!” But don’t just toss your beloved items in that unit. Here are some tips to make sure your possessions stay pristine when you store your stuff!

  1. Pack your belongings in boxes that are tough, water resistant, and are pretty much of uniform size. It sounds counter-intuitive, but stack heavier things at the bottom followed by lighter ones, and put fragile breakables near the top.
  2. If you are opting for a large unit then you can leave space between the furniture and boxes so that accessibility is maintained.
  3. To properly store your stuff use old sheets, towels and newspapers as cushions and fill all boxes to the brim. When boxes are half or three quarters full they will collapse when other boxes are placed on them, but nothing will break thanks to the cushioning.
  4. Treat all metal objects with rust protectors. Use boric powder or tobacco leaves to protect books from insect attack. Look up preservation of books and follow the instructions.
  5. Don’t stuff everything in there without some breathing room. Allow for air to circulate inside the locker. Lay down plastic sheeting on the floor of the unit and places the boxes on a wooden pallet this will keep boxes from suffering water related damage.
  6. Leave the doors of all appliances such as microwaves and fridges ajar to prevent fungal growth. And how about this: use the space in appliances to store small things. Smart!
  7. Refrain from storing any flammable materials in the unit. (Check with us at the front office if you have any questions.)
  8. Make a treasure map! Well, sort of. Maintain a diary and record which boxes are placed where and what each box contains. Stick labels on each box with a coding that matches your list. Never mark the contents on the label. And never say “priceless Babe Ruth baseball card,” on top of a box; that’s just asking for trouble.
  9. Time to lock it up! Be sure to choose a quality padlock that’s easy for you to operate and hard for others to open with a hair clip.
  10. Contact us at Cedar Storage and let us set you up with a storage solution that does more than give your belongings a safe place to live temporarily, it allows you make a fresh start!

“Room In Our Hearts” Winner Wins Our Heart

February 8, 2016 Leave a reply

winnerWhen the holidays arrived at the close of 2015, we at Cedar Storage counted our blessings and found ourselves, thankfully, in the plus column. We also had a few storage units that were unrented at the time. We put two and two together and thought it might be nice to share what we had with others with a promotion called “Room In Our Heart.” Surely, there must be someone in Iron County who could use some extra storage for the year. So we put the question out there, and heard from some very interesting folks. But when it came time to choose, the clear winner was Amy Bates. And when you read her entry, we’re certain you’ll agree.

To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing on behalf of Utah Foster Care and the Family Support Center regarding the storage space that you have available for non-profit agencies. Our agencies would love to be considered for this generous donation of a storage area for a year to accommodate our clothing closet.


Our clothing closet was started 5 years ago as collaboration between the two agencies to help the families we serve. The Family Support Center has been in existence in Cedar City since 1989. Since that time we have helped thousands of families in need. Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate staff offers care for children under the age of eleven, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our essential support is offered at no cost to the participants.


Utah Foster Care is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that finds, trains, and supports Utah families who are willing and able to provide a nurturing home for children who have been neglected or abused. Currently there are approximately 35 foster families in Iron County and over 80 children from our community that need a home.


Our clothing closet is stocked by generous donations from the community. We have a small storage shed at the Family Support Center, which we plan to maintain, that allows for people to drop off items at any time. The closet was first kept in the local Department of Child and Family Services Offices but we outgrew the small space very quickly. We then moved to the Family Support Center for a year but due to spacing considerations there we had to move again. Iron County Board of Realtors has graciously let us use their basement for the last two years. However, it has been hard to access the clothing when emergencies arise as the owner is not always available. We have also lost some donations due to a broken water heater.


We have two staff that go into the closet weekly to organize and get requested clothes. We help approximately 7 families a week. While helping our clients is our top priority we have also gotten clothes for families from the Woman’s Crisis Center, the Paiute Tribe and others. We are the main distributors’ of the coats the Knights of Columbus collect. In addition we get regular donations from Wal-mart, various church groups and The Iron County Board of Realtors.


I have enclosed some letters of support that we have received from partner agencies. I have also sent the tax exception letter from both sponsoring agencies. If you need any more information in making this decision I would be happy to provide it for you. Thank-you for your time.


Amy Bates
Utah Foster Care

Thanks to all who entered. Let’s do it again next year!

The Staff of Cedar Storage

Room In Our Heart

November 18, 2015 Leave a reply

christmas_bg2It’s the time of year when you start thinking of others a little more. Like the song says, “you count your blessings instead of sheep.” And as the snow begins to fly, hopefully, the cold is counteracted by warm thoughts of “What can I do? What difference can I make? What do I have to give?”
Turns out, I can give something worthwhile! I’ve been looking around our properties and while we have a better-than-average number of tenants, we have a few empty storage units that I’d like to put to good use. There are probably a lot of non-profits in our area who could use some extra storage. I’d like to offer a unit to one of them.
But who? How do I decide?
I thought I’d let everyone decide FOR me. We’ve started by taking suggestions from folks on behalf of their favorite charity or from the non-profits themselves. Then post their stories here on our website.
Then we’ll let everyone in Cedar City in on the fun. They can decide which worthy charity gets free storage for a year! Because, trust me, if it were left up to me, everyone would win, and I’d be out of business and not much good to anyone.
Do YOU know of an area charity or non-profit who could use storage in 2016? Enter them for “Room In Our Heart” by emailing me at
Let’s give a charity or a non-profit one less thing to worry about going into 2016.

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