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christmas_bg2It’s the time of year when you start thinking of others a little more. Like the song says, “you count your blessings instead of sheep.” And as the snow begins to fly, hopefully, the cold is counteracted by warm thoughts of “What can I do? What difference can I make? What do I have to give?”
Turns out, I can give something worthwhile! I’ve been looking around our properties and while we have a better-than-average number of tenants, we have a few empty storage units that I’d like to put to good use. There are probably a lot of non-profits in our area who could use some extra storage. I’d like to offer a unit to one of them.
But who? How do I decide?
I thought I’d let everyone decide FOR me. We’ve started by taking suggestions from folks on behalf of their favorite charity or from the non-profits themselves. Then post their stories here on our website.
Then we’ll let everyone in Cedar City in on the fun. They can decide which worthy charity gets free storage for a year! Because, trust me, if it were left up to me, everyone would win, and I’d be out of business and not much good to anyone.
Do YOU know of an area charity or non-profit who could use storage in 2016? Enter them for “Room In Our Heart” by emailing me at
Let’s give a charity or a non-profit one less thing to worry about going into 2016.

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