Heads up for Condensation!

These nasty little drops are no big deal… except in storage!

Today I’m writing about the very common, and surprising destructive effects of condensation in Cedar City Utah.  Here we have a very aggressive freeze-thaw cycle which generates large amounts of condensation on anything exposed to the air. Especially on glass or metal… and storage units have very large metal roofs.  These key, fast, tricks will help you manage any issue that may arise.

Usually condensation will only generate a drop or maybe two in any given spot. But that is a drop or two almost every day in the winter, which adds up!  But it often gathers on the underside of the metal giving it access to any exposed belongings.  Cardboard boxes, wooden tables, or TV’s not protected have a chance of getting the occasional drip!

To stop this there are two key things you can do:

  1. Use plastic bins: Big plastic bins are fabulous for combating dust, mice, and condensation.  For non-replaceables plastic is the way to go
  2. Cover large objects: There are cheap plastic drop cloths that can easily and cheaply cover furniture, or a large amount of cardboard boxes.
  3. We sell them in the office for $1.50 – cheap, easy, and fast

That is it!  If you’re storing in Cedar City this advice will save you so much time, money, and emotional sanity that you might want to even tell a friend about our blog!

Thanks for reading!
David Crowther – Cedar Storage Rentals

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